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In 2013, Dynamo Fencing Club partnered with West Vancouver Schools to provide young student athletes an opportunity to experience a unique sport while they continue to develop their already high standard for academic success.

Fencing Mornings with Dynamo

Chartwell, Cedardale, Westcot, West Bay



Since its inception, the West Vancouver Schools Premier Fencing Academy has quickly grown to become one of the largest external sports program on offer in the West Vancouver School District, providing thousands of kids exposure to a non-traditional sport that has numerous applications to academics.

The core directive of this program is to use Fencing as a vehicle to impart the academic and life skills necessary for young students to develop well rounded physical and personal skill sets. The values that we teach in Fencing (Focus, Dedication, Respect, Passion) are all skills that have larger applications in academics and, more importantly, life.

At Dynamo we are immensely proud of our track record of successfully helping our athletes achieve their Post Secondary academic goals. Many of our students have used Fencing as a vehicle to go on to renowned academic institutions. Some of these schools include, but are not limited to: Notre Dame, CalTech, UPenn, Columbia, Ohio State, UBC, and McGill.

Fencing Mornings with Dynamo:

West Bay








Grade 2-7

7:45 am to 8:35 am

$179 per child. FREE brand new fencing mask and glove with each registration

(Value of $130). 

Please contact us at or


after registration to schedule a pick up of your FREE fencing mask and glove.

Pants, jackets and other fencing equipment is available at our pro shop.

If your child is currently enrolled in West Vancouver Schools, we encourage you to attend our Premier Fencing Academy Open House and explore whether your child might enjoy and thrive in our program as countless others students have.

We look forward to seeing you!

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