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Dynamo Youth Open is an excellent opportunity to try to compete for the first time.

  1. Participating in an event at your own club can help you feel more comfortable and confident, as you are already familiar with the surroundings and the people. This can help alleviate any nervousness or anxiety you may have about your first competitive experience. 

  2. You have to purchase Canada/BC fencing license to compete. Buy now. Or review our tutorial if you need support.

  3. Your child can start as early as Youth 8 (Y8), in 2023 that would be a child born in 2014 or after. Sometimes, your child can compete in several age categories. 

  4. Our next event is September 29th. You can register here

  5.  Approximate budget: license $69.13CAD (annual fee - one time charge), event fee $60.




Participating in a regional fencing tournament in the USA like RainCity Fencing in Bellevue, can be a great opportunity for a Canadian fencer to try competitive fencing for several reasons.

  1. Regional tournaments in the USA attract a diverse range of fencers from various backgrounds and skill levels, providing an excellent opportunity for Canadian fencers to test their skills against new opponents and gain valuable experience.

  2. You have to purchase USA Competitive fencing license to compete. Buy here.

  3. Regional tournaments in the USA typically offer a variety of events and age categories (Y8+), ensuring that fencers of all skill levels and ages can find a suitable competition to participate in.

  4. The USA has a long-standing tradition of excellence in fencing, with many top-ranked fencers and coaches calling the country home. Participating in a regional tournament in the USA can provide Canadian fencers with exposure to this high level of fencing and potentially offer opportunities to train with top coaches and fencers.

  5. Participating in a regional tournament in the USA can be an exciting and rewarding experience for Canadian fencers, as they get to travel to a new place, meet new people, and challenge themselves in a competitive setting. 

  6. Events that are closer to home can be also more budget friendly as they are only a couple of hours of driving away. 

  7. Approximate budget: license $90USD (annual fee - one time charge), hotel $130USD, event fee $75.



Gloves (2)

Weapon (2-3)

Fencing Jacket

Fencing Pants

Chest Protector


Body Wire

Mask Wire (Foil)

Lame (Foil)

Fencing Socks

Fencing Shoes

Fencing Bag

Water Bottle

Healthy Snack

Small Towel

Change of Clothes

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