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Adam Wong

Richmond, Canada


Top Athletes Cards 2020-07.jpg

2021Cadet Men's Epee and Cadet Men's Foil NAC - 5th Place

2020  Cadet Team Canada Bratislava – 3rd Place

2020  Junior Team Canada El Salvador – 2nd Place

2020  Senior Canada Cup 2 Gatineau – 2nd Place

Athletes VF-15.png

Avery Townsend

Louisville, USA


Top Athletes Cards 2020-12.jpg

2021 Finalist Junior Men's Épée NAC

2020 Cadet Men’s Épée USA Junior Olympic National Championships -5th Place  

2020 Junior Men’s Épée USA Junior Olympic National Championships- 8th place

Athletes VF-09.png

Christina Zozulya

Minsk, Belarus


Top Athletes Cards 2020-05.jpg

2019 Junior Women’s Épée Canadian National - Champion

2019 American Medalist in Individuals and Teams - Silver

2018 Cadet Women’s Épée World Cup Bratislava – Bronze 

Athletes VF-16.png

Derek Rong

Beijing, China


Top Athletes Cards 2020-16.jpg

2020 Junior Men’s Épée  Canada Cup -  Gold 

2019 Cadet Men’s Épée  November Nac  - Bronze 

2019 Junior Men’s Épée  November Nac – Finalist 

2019 Cadet Men’s Épée  Canada Cup - Gold 

Athletes VF-17.png

Dylan French

Richmond, Canada


Top Athletes Cards 2020-17.jpg

2019 & 2016  ACC - Individual Champion

2018 & 2017  NCAA - Team Champion

2017, 2014, 2013 North American Cup - Champion

Athletes VF-04.png

Eli  Lippman

Vancouver, Canada


Top Athletes Cards 2020-09.jpg

2020 Cadet Men’s Épée Nationals - Bronze

2020 Bratislava European Circuit – 26 th Place

2020 Pan American championships - Bronze

2020 National Team

Athletes VF-13.png

Fynn  Fafard

Lumsden, Canada


Top Athletes Cards 2020-04.jpg

2020 Team Men’s Épée Pan American Championships - Gold

2019 & 2018 Senior Men’s Épée January Canada Cups - Gold

2017 Cadet Mixed Team World championships - Silver

2017 Cadet Men’s Épée World championships - Top 16

Athletes VF-01.png

Howard Zhao

Beijing, China


Top Athletes Cards 2020-18.jpg

2018 USA Fencing National Championships & July Challenge CME – Gold

2019 May Canadian National Championship JME + SME - Gold

2020 January Canada Cup SME – Gold


Janet Chen

Shanghai, China


Top Athletes Cards 2020-06.jpg

2020 Cadet Women’s Épée  National - Champion

2020 Cadet Women’s Épée  European Circuit - Top 16

2019 Cadet Women’s Épée  USA July Challenge -Top 8

Athletes VF-08.png

Jack Pan

Anhui, China


Top Athletes Cards 2020-02.jpg

2021 Silver Medalist Junior Team Men's Sabre - NAC

2020 Cadet Men’s Sabre November NAC - Champion
2020 Pan American championships - 3rd Place
2020 Cadet Men’s Sabre Meylan, France circuit - Top 16

Athletes VF-07.png

Jerry Pan

Anhui, China


Top Athletes Cards 2020-08.jpg

2021 Silver Medalist Junior Team Men's Sabre - NAC

2020 Cadet Men’s Sabre National - Champion

Athletes VF-19.png

Kay Sze

Hong Kong


Top Athletes Cards 2020-19.jpg

Multiple-time Gold Medalist in BC Championships and Western's Championships

2019 FIE Satellite World Cup (Costa Rica) - Bronze

2018 National Team Member

Athletes VF-18.png

Mateo Kadyszewski

Montreal, Canada


Top Athletes Cards 2020-13.jpg

Junior Men’s Épée  NAC - Top 16 

Junior Men’s Épée  Canada Cup – 1st Place

Junior Men’s Épée  World Cup – 40th Place

Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 12.40.36 PM.png

Nicholas Zhang

Vancouver, Canada


Top Athletes Cards 2020-14.jpg

2021 Cadet Men's Épée Champion - NAC

2020 Y14 Épée  Capitol Clash SYC -

1st Place
2019 Y12 Épée  NAC – 8th Place

2017 Y10 Foil March NAC - 3rd Place

Athletes VF-20.png

Samuel Gallagher-Pelletier

Matane, Canada


Top Athletes Cards 2020-15.jpg

2009 World Cup Montreal - Top 32 

2019 Costa Rica Satellite - 3rd place

2019 Vancouver Canada Cup - 2nd place

2011 Chinese Championships Nanjing -1st place


Seraphim Jarov

Vancouver, Canada


Top Athletes Cards 2020-03.jpg

2020 Junior Men’s Épée  Panams - Champion Team 

2020 Junior Men’s Épée  World Cup - Top 16

2019 Senior Men’s Épée  Panams - Semi-finalist team

2019 Junior Men’s Épée  World Championships - Quarter finalist

Athletes VF-03.png

Shaul Gordon

Tel Aviv, Israel


Top Athletes Cards 2020-10.jpg

Top 8 in Senior World Championships 2019

2nd at Pan Am Games in 2019

2nd at Pan Am Games in 2015

Athletes VF-02.png

Tamar Gordon

Turin, Italy


Top Athletes Cards 2020-11.jpg

3rd in European championships

2nd Canada Cup Junior

3rd in Eurosabre

1st in French National circuit

Athletes VF-12.png

Zakhar Vozovik

Novosibirsk, Russia


Top Athletes Cards 2020-01.jpg

2020 Cadet Men’s Épée  Canadian nationals - Gold 

2020 Cadet Men’s Épée  Pan American games - Bronze

2019 Junior Men’s Épée  Canada Nationals - Bronze

2019 Cadet Men’s Épée  Capital Clash – Silver 

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