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第2步:创建帐户(2 分钟)

Dynamo Fencing 将提供所有击剑相关的装备。



我们将于 2023 年 2 月 20 日家庭日休息。 

Informed Consent and Acknowledgement of Risk Dynamo Fencing Club Inc. (“DFC”)

This is a binding legal agreement and by signing this document, you will assume certain risks. As a participant, supervisor or spectator in the following activity: SPORT OF FENCING (hereinafter called the Activity) offered or organized by DFC including the sport of Fencing and all related training and competitive activity, the Participants and/or Parent/Guardian of the Participant (hereinafter called the Parties), acknowledge and agree to the following terms: 1) THE PARTICIPANT IS VOLUNTARILY PARTICIPATING IN THE ACTIVITIES. In consideration of the Participant’s participation in the Activity offered or sanctioned by DFC, the Parties hereby acknowledge that they are aware of the risks and dangers associated with or related to participation in the Activity and that the Participant may be exposed to such risks and dangers. The risks and dangers include, but not limited to, the following: a. Inherent risks relating to being in a facility with active sport and fencing training and matches wherein combatants are actively training or competing using dangerous equipment and unpredictable actions; b. Facility and Field of play hazards including failure or improper use of equipment leading to reduced safety or reliability; c. Uneven flooring and dangerous equipment which may result in loss of balance and injury; d. Flying or moving equipment leading to unexpected hits, cuts or injury from equipment or stray objects; e. Fast paced game play leading to exhaustion and heat. All of which risks and dangers may cause discomfort, damage, injure, loss or death to the Participant or property 2) THE FOLLOWING EVENTS AND CONDITIONS CAN CAUSE OR CONTRIBUTE TO THE INHERENT RISKS AND DANGERS OF THE ACTIVITY: a. failure to stay in designated or safe areas or to be attentive or conduct yourself in a safe manner; b. Inappropriate or inadequate equipment or protective fencing clothing including fencing masks; c. Poor or inadequate physical fitness or health; d. Failure to obey DFC rules, code of conduct and/or the directions of staff, instructors or leaders; e. Failure to exercise good judgment or pay due care and attention. If at any time I believe conditions to be unsafe, I will immediately discontinue further participation of the Activity. I acknowledge having read and understood all DFC Rules and Code of Conduct requirements. 3) I GIVE PERMISSION TO DFC TO PROVIDE CARE OR ARRANGE FOR MEDICAL CARE to be provided to me or my child during the Activity, should it be deemed appropriate. I also acknowledge the and accept all risk and responsibility relating to the contagious nature or Covid-19 and that attending DFC facility may lead to exposure to Covid-19 infection resulting in personal injury, illness, disability and death to myself or others. 4) THE PARTIES FREELY ACCEPT AND ASSUME all such risks and dangers associated with the Activity and the possibility of personal injury, death, property damage or loss resulting from participation in the Activity and further agree to bear all costs of medical care provided arising from the Activity. 5) I voluntarily agree to assume ALL the risks set out herein and consent to this being documented. If signed by a parent/ guardian I acknowledge and accept the terms herein and permit my Child to participate in the Activities. I do not rely upon any other statements, promises or communications other than set out herein

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