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2023 National Championships in Longueuil, Quebec, marked an unprecedented milestone in Dynamo's history as their athletes and coaches achieved a remarkable medal haul.

Despite the absence of the entire Epee National Team, Dynamo demonstrated their exceptional prowess by securing a staggering total of 29 out of 80 possible medals in Epee and Foil in U13, U15, Cadet, Junior and Senior categories. This outstanding achievement accounts for over one-third of all medals awarded at the championships.

These remarkable accomplishments exemplify the dedication, skill, and determination of Dynamo's athletes and coaches, solidifying their position as a force to be reckoned with in the fencing community.


GOLD: 7 medals

SILVER: 7 medals

BRONZE: 15 medals


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Senior Men's Epee:

Chi Ho Wong - Bronze

Farooq Habib - Bronze


Junior Men's Epee:

Chi Ho Wong - Silver

Henry Yue - Bronze


Cadet Men's Epee:

Chi Ho Wong - Gold

Lucas Pang - Bronze

Ivan Lu - Bronze

Cadet Women's Epee:

Valeriia Bilous - Gridzhak - Silver


U15 Men's Epee:

Haris Kim - Gold

U15 Women's Epee:

Yanka Sobus - Silver

U13 Men's Epee:

Simon Shan - Gold


Senior Men’s Foil:

Jason Yu - Bronze 

Adam Wong - Bronze

Senior Women’s Foil:

Maggie Gu - Bronze 

Junior Men’s Foil:

Adam Wong - Silver 

Jia Bao (Bowen) Xu - Bronze

Adrian Wong - Bronze 

Cadet Men’s Foil:

Adrian Wong - Gold  

Matt Wei - Bronze

Cadet Women’s Foil:

Danise Leung - Bronze 

U15 Men’s Foil:

Jason Yu - Gold  

Adrian Wong - Silver 

Jia Bao (Bowen) Xu - Bronze

U15 Women’s Foil:

Ilinca Fetecau - Silver 

Jenna Hu - Bronze 

Maggie Gu - Bronze  

U13 Men’s Foil:

Kevin Lu - Gold  

Kinton Yu - Silver

U13 Women’s Foil:

Soleil Zhang - Gold 

Dynamo Foil Athletes_edited.jpg

Congratulations to all of our athletes, coaches and families for your on going dedication to excellence and perseverance during this very difficult season under all of the global circumstances.

We are extremely proud of each and everyone of our athletes historic achievements.

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